Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Politics... the face of things to come?

It took a while but the need to type more than 140 characters finally took hold.  And I can only "thank" Tweedlecam for that motivation of sideshifting from twitter into the blogosphere.

Do you recall what seems like an eternity ago now when Tweedlecam and Tweedleclegg gaily skipped through the Downing Street garden to take their jaunty loved up press conference?

They said the country needed a new type of politics.  They said that the country needed a cross party coalition.  They said that at a time of need they needed sensible politics calling on all parties to work together.

So what happened?

The events in today's commons were shocking.  Not because of what was said, not because of the tones, not because of the patronising condascending "calm down" comment.

But because of the dawning realisation that this is what we may have to endure for 4 more years.

A Prime Minister who thinks the privilege of leading the country (despite it being by default) is akin to slumping over the despatch box and acting like a shock jock or something from The Wright Stuff.

The term "New Politics" is certainly what we have.  Never have I seen such blatant disregard for process, etiquette, or heritage of the House of Commons.

Never can I recall questions failing to go unanswered time after time.

A Prime Minister is there to lead.  And when tough calls are made, to stand by and take the stick that might go with it.  Instead we have abdication, blame shifting and downright mistruths to dodge the tricky questions that come Tweedlecam's way time after time.

I ask the question.  Are you proud that Tweedlecam is the figurehead of our country?  Are his family proud to see a red faced man acting in the least Prime Ministerial fashion in recollection?  Are his parents proud to see him dodge question after question as the nation face the burden of his austerity measures day in day out without any sense of responsibility or compassion from their unelected leader?

It's certainly new politics.  But is it what was promised, is it what we want, and is it something to be proud of?


  1. Welcome to bloggerworld. We have correspondended via twitter under my other nom, I have added you to my blog links under this nom! [Confused, you soon will be!]

    Regarding your blog, I find the most frightening thing about Camiknicker's performance today was his form of 'debating'.

    Leaving aside his patronising, slightly sexist comment [certainly not an answer] to Angela Eagle the fact showed that he was obviously determined not to listen to what she was saying - which was a shame because she had the correct information and was trying to correct
    Cami's mistakes. I hope he doesn't debate in this way at international conferences with other state leaders....

    I cannot believe that this is the way that we as an electorate expect our 'leader' to behave. We appreciate witty repartee for point scoring, but not downright shouting down and rudeness. Add in a little sexism [and if it was unintended, even worse as that shows how totally insensitive the Cam truly is] and that patronising air and what do we have? The school bully who thinks he is on a par with the great oraters of the previous century like David Lloyd George and Nye Bevan and believes he alsohas also their political skill. We know he is wrong on all counts and as you point out, sadly we are stuck with his 'leadership' for another four years - thanks mainly to that other political joke, Knickerless Clegg.

    So we all have to be on alert to remind Messrs Clegg and Cameron that their performances will just not do. Perhaps they could sign up for evening classes in debating skills, political economy and good manners. If they haven't all been closed in the education cuts of course.

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